Freelance PHP Web Developer
Hampshire / Dorset border

Available Autumn 2019

Hi, my name is Richard Willis-Owen. I tend to work on data driven websites but I'm versatile, experienced with large and small companies and I can turn my hand to most web related jobs.

I believe in good communication and I'm really keen on fast loading websites and security.

If you are already using an agency:
You'll find I price my time reasonably (you won't be paying for plants and carpet), I'm consciencous and I really care about solving your problems.

If you are new to having a site:
I will take the time to explain things to you and work with you to help define what you need. I'm keen on creating the minimum required to get your ideas up and running so you won't get over complicated solutions.

If you are an agency:
I've been responsible for websites with 200k daily page views and I can offer expertise in performance, servers and security. Alternatively I can offer an experienced pair of hands to help out if you are too busy.


Please note that I'm not a web designer. Most of these sites have been designed by someone else and I've turned the design into a website or web application. If you think you will need design skills as well I'm happy to source a professional to provide these.

Earth Products
Home LED Survey
Home LED Survey
Prestige System
Major Industrial Pump Manufacturer
Sports Orthopaedic Specialist
Ultimate Luxury Chalets
Westin Gourmet
TriBe Solutions


Some reports say that WordPress accounts for nearly 30% of all websites and it's used by 60% of all websites that have a CMS so they must be doing a lot right. I'm happy to work with WordPress but it's not necessarily suitable for everyone.

One of the problems with WordPress is the reliance on plugins to add extra features to your site.
Plugins can be very cheap or even free, but you are putting key parts of your site into someone else's hands. There may be bugs in their code. Many plugins are regularly updated to fix bugs but how long that takes is not under your control and updates can introduce different bugs or conflict with other plugins. If you want a site with several plugins be prepared to pay for research and testing with each update and be aware that there will often be hidden costs.

Another problem is because of it's popularity a lot of automated programs attack WordPress sites so you need to ensure that robust security measures are in place.

In addition to WordPress I can create or work on sites created with other CMSs, some free and easier to use than WordPress, some commercial with great support. I can even create your own CMS specifically tailored to your needs.

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I'm located in Ringwood which is in Hampshire and close to the Hampshire / Dorset border.